December 10 - 13, 2016 
Cairo International Convention Center
Cairo, Egypt 


10-13 December 2016


Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Center (CICC) Cairo, Egypt

As we are living in a new era of rapid technological development and there are mega-projects under designing / construction, With billions of dollars being spent on this  projects.

And as most of Industry Leaders are either prestigious consultancy firms or technical office engineers and under graduates and post graduates engineers working for manufacturing companies and Construction



from june 2015 to june 2016 over 500 of ( Consultants, developers, architects, engineers, designers, Students of Engineers, Fabricators, Contractors  and suppliers ) was Attended our Conferences  and  Workshops in Sustainable Façade and Building Material

This Summit will address the " SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION  " Sustainable Buildings Materials, Façades, Windows, including  Renewable Energy and Newest Technology. Toward Sustainable Development & Economic Growth  and the latest trends, opportunities, challenges strategies and technologies for procuring and delivering quality and sustainable projects.​

  • The Summit gathers the investment  as well as decision makers from the private sector want to capture live commercial opportunities. This forum also addresses the underpinning challenges in project delivery, procurement strategies and development of future joint ventures and partnerships in Egypt’s  and Africa .

  • The activation of the application of the concepts and practices of sustainability and green architecture in the construction industry is closely linked to economic growth and can not be done only through the integration between manufacturers and architects qualified engineers in this area, which will lead to finding appropriate solutions to environmental, economic and functional problems.

  •  The Summit will bringing together architects, interior designers, developers, façade consultants and fabricators from across the region to source local and international products, network with like-minded peers and learn from experts. 300+ Summit specialists Delegates , 109+ 12+ Contry Exhibitors, 20+
    Educational Sessions in "Windows, Doors &Façade Sustainability" and 5000+ Visitors .  

  • Main Advantage of the Summit is established through a huge exhibition with over 18 countries and 5,000 specialized visitors and Attendees in construction field and investors from over the world.

  • The Summit  will also host a range of educational workshops in Façade Engineering through our key players in the construction industries Which come a long way since 2015 to be activated

"Main Topics" 
Update continues until November 25,2016


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1- The role of the construction sector in achieving sustainable development and economic growth

  • Sustainable development and the ways of the application in the construction sector

  • ​ The importance of the sustainability of buildings and their impact on economic growth and its relationship to the environment, investment, housing, energy and other resource consumption.

  • ​ Ways to provide the highest standards of quality and ratios cost reduction of Buildings Construction, therefore, that we can provide billions through the application of sustainability on architectural projects.

  • ​ The challenges of sustainable building residential / administrative / industrial. Including synthetic materials and products used in the  building industry and carrying Threats to health and the environment


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2- Sustainability of Façades

  • Ways to achieve sustainability of the buildings  through the façades of buildings   

  • Façade Engineering – Façades  standard - Sustainability of Façade

  • What is The society of Façade Engineering? Why We Need it ?

  • Function of a Façade

  • Performance Specification

  • Quality and appearance

  • Role of Façade engineer

  • Design responsibility, & communication

  • Safety requirements

  • Contemporary architecture without compromising culture and cost

  • How can architects can apply new technologies and expertise in façade design?

  •  Analyzing the sustainability costs of traditional façades vs. contemporary façades.

  • The Construction Solutions of skyscrapers  in the Middle East and Why?

Why Attend ?​ 

Who should Attend ?

  • Senior representatives from Constructions Leaders,contractors, consultants, technology or solution providers and material suppliers will meet to discuss on-going and future Middel East projects, exchange best practices to overcome challenges and share expertise on solutions available to facilitate on-time delivery of quality Sustainable projects  

  • Focusing on "Powering the future of Construction Industry,  Green Building, Façade Construction  while highlighting the new Technologies & the Mega Projects.

  • Gain information on the latest technologies and services available to help you achieve cost-efficient Sustainable projects

  • Develop successful strategic partnerships to minimise your risks, share costs and facilitate the transfer of knowledge

  • Benchmark innovative solutions and select successful strategies applicable to your current project to improve the quality of your project delivery

  • Meet project owners and  contractors and understand their challenges, expectations and requirements to align your company for future collaborations and partnerships

  • Learn about upcoming Middle East Sustainable projects and tenders to win business  

The Summit  is open to engineers, architects and suitably qualified candidates from other fields, including those engaged in the procurement, design, manufacture and assembly of building envelope systems, with a first degree or equivalent professional qualification.  

  • Architects and Designers

  • Façade Consultanats and Designers

  • Building, Construction Consultants

  • Primary and Secondary Contractors

  • Developers

  • Applicators and Fabricators.

  • Project Developers and Managers

  • Engineers and Technology Officers

  • Material and Equipment Procurement Officers

  • Building and Construction Industry Experts

  • National, Regional and International Contractors

  • Building and Property Managers

  • Infrastructure Planners and Project Managers

  • All Engineers working in the field of the façade construction and design.

Guests of Honor


Dr. Khaled Mohamed Fahmy 

Minister of Environment

— Mr. Dr. Tarek El Nabarawy 


Captain Engineers of Egypt​

Egyptian Engineers Syndicate

—Mr. Amr Abdel Latif

Executive Director - Egyptian


Exporters Association-ExpoLink


key Speakers 

— Dr. Adel Anwar Eid,


Consultant Architect

Chairman & CEO of MEG

Founder & Chairman of the Summit

— Mrs. Shaimaa Oleba

Chairman & CEO of 

Soic Infinity for Facade Engineering and Contracting

Founder, Secretary-General and Summit Coordinator

— Dr. Ahmed Wafeek

Managing Director

Saint-Gobain Glass

— Miss Shahd El Sadat,

Vice Pesident, Promoting positive community and economic growth.

, Sadat Group, Alutec




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  Media Paretner

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Façade Engineering Training Initiative Participants 

  Honor of Participants 

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Summit presenter

Dr. Amr Ezzat
Vice Chairman of the International Accreditation for Political and Strategic Studies and Economic

Attendees Including

  • Ministry of Antiquities

  • Ministry of housing

  • The Ministry of Environment

  • HELP co.

  •  Talaat mostafa group 

  • Protech for Industry & Development

  • Hassan Allam


  • VACSERA France


  • RMC

  • Mobica 


  • Engineering consultants group

  • Agency Dar for the announcement and binding interfaces

  • Inter solar egypt

  • The Mills Park

  • Suez canal authouraty

  • CCC

  • ADIB Egypt

  • Misr Contracting

  • E.construct

  • Arabian Architecture Group

  • Vetro Co.

  • Travco Group

  • Madin investment holding company

  • Alutec

  • Masrya for building

  • Meinhardt group Singapore

  • Engineering Consulting Group

  • ECG

  • Kemet Co




109+ 12+ Contry



Summit specialists Delegates


Educational Sessions in 

"Windows, Doors &Façade Sustainability"